I am a Senior Software Engineer in Baidu, focus on Top 1 result.

Before that, I was a Research & Development Enginner in Shannon.AI, from February 2018 to October 2020, mostly focused on NLP in Finance. Previously, I was a Machine Learning Engineer in 360 Search Lab, focused on Machine Translation. I made initial version of 360 Translator alone. I also worked as an algorithm engineer intern in Emotibot and Jisuanke.

I was an undergraduate student from University of Science and Technology Beijing where I was a Research Assistant of MICL, and where I had been the vice president of Source Tech Association of USTB and a member of LETTers(our ACM-ICPC team).

My research interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning especially in Natural Language Processing.

By the way, I enjoy listening to A cappella, so feel free to contact me if you find a great A cappella show.

Last updated: November 2020